STCA is passionate about really listening to everyone in our community and trying to make positive things happen as a result. We get involved in local and national initiatives to improve understanding of how our community works and are taking a lead in some significant developments.

Neighbourhood Planning

A plan for a neighbourhood driven by local people.
Local people agree the neighbourhood and the aims are :

  • To improve the environment
  • For community safety
  • For better community relations
  • For greater social inclusion
  • To strengthen local economy
  • To improve local services
  • To develop or protect local assets
  • To identify opportunities and develop new community resources.


Neighbourhood planning is one aspect of a Localism Bill which aims to be a way for people to play a bigger part in planning and development of their communities and their environment.

Community Organisers

We are the host for two Community Organisers as part of a model being road tested in 200 organisations throughout the UK. Community Organisers are working in Somers Town and their role is to listen to people to find out what they would like to see change. They want to support people find ways to really influence their neighbourhoods.


Somers Town is an unique area under the microscope as a result of multiple deprivation.We work with a number of universities to aid research and development projects ranging from planning issues to social issues which affect peoples lives. We are pleased that we are able to support research which could lead to real improvement in our community and further afield. We currently partner University College London and Central St Martins


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