Sports Activators keen to get cracking

Our new Sports Activator team based at STCA, introduce themselves here:
“Hello my name is Andy Gilbert, I am the new Community Sports Activator for the Somers Town area and the project I will be delivering is called Camden Active All Areas.  The idea behind the project is to encourage local residents to become active and to help achieve this, over the next 3 years I will be delivering a diverse range of sports to suit the needs of you, the Somers Town resident.  Working alongside me in the role of Sport Development Officer will be Juan Manning. Juan has a keen interest in sports, especially Basketball and he also plays for Camden Basketball team.
To ensure this project suits your needs, I encourage you to give me feedback on the type of sports which you would like to see in your area. There is nothing to stop anyone of any age, ability, ethnicity or disability becoming active in sport.  Our projects are designed to suit the needs of the individual. If you would like to find out more information on the project or how to get involved then please contact me on Andrew.gilbert@camden.gov.uk or call 07825102010. You can also find me at the Somers Town Community Association on Mondays and Thursdays.”
Andrew Gilbert Community Sports Activator


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