“Work It Out”

A project is born – ” Work It Out ” is a scheme that has been funded through the Business, Enterprise, Education and Training group of the Neighbourhood Forum. Funding has come through L.B. Camden and has been been targeted to address barriers to employment for people living in the Somers Town area.  STCA was commissioned to undertake research and produce a report – due to be published this month – which would frame the issues which our community feels contribute to making it difficult to enter the employment market. Key to the initial research element of the project has been it’s community led model.  STCA’s Community Organisers and their volunteers  adapted  the “listenings” approach to gather information and were then trained to  analyse the raw data. The  draft findings of the report make interesting reading but we hope most importantly  action  arising from it’s recommendations will make a sustainable difference for people who want to see a shift in access to employment opportunities in Somers Town.


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